Nick Bathla is a full time Digital Marketing Evangelist. I live in New Delhi / New York / Toronto.. Nick Bathla is a web 2.0 professional and futurist who strongly beliefs that the internet is moving to a more personal and individual experience. Quality of the online communication and networking experience is getting better all the time. It is increasingly enabled by online availability of broadband and server-capacity.

It will change the way we interact online and transform it into a really working personal and business communication tool instead of a mere information billboard. It will enable us to show our inner-self, our personal or company networking style and to be very selective towards who we like to ‘talk’ with. We will build very targeted online communities with people using the same ‘language’ , the same networking styles just because we Can. Self-consciousness and being ‘present’ is thus in my opinion not only the first step towards online profiling and success in the new web 2.0 era, but also essential towards true individual creativeness, collective strategic thinking and new Leadership.